How a Restaurant POS System Can Aid in Inventory and Speed Customer Service in Malaysia

Many smaller, older mom-and-pop restaurants are still puttering along with the same old cash register. Investing in a point-of-sale system has been something many owners have been reluctant to do. In addition, restaurants can’t use the same point-of-sale software and machines as a regular retail business. Because of the differences in the type of products sold and exposures in a restaurant, regular POS systems won’t work.

In a Restaurant the Service Speed is One of the Biggest Reasons to pos-machineUse a POS System in Malaysia.

Many Malaysian retail businesses use barcodes on all of the packages in the store which are a great way for a POS system to track sales and manage inventory. In a restaurant, this system would not work since most products sold in restaurants are not barcoded. A retail business also uses their POS system to determine which new products need to be ordered based on what has been sold. They can even create graphs of the products that have sold the most and which seasons they need to pre-order products in order to be prepared for upcoming months.

In a restaurant, the main purpose of the POS system is to help take the orders and transfer the information to the cooks in the kitchen, so that they can begin to prepare the food as quickly as possible. When people order food, they are either in a hurry, because they have to get back to work or they’re hungry. In either case, the customers want to eat immediately and the faster the order can be made, the sooner they can eat.

The Cash Register at the Heart of a Restaurant POS is Different

Many cash registers used in restaurants will be connected to monitors in the kitchen. The cooks read the order in real time so that they can begin cooking the food immediately. Then, as each item is cooked, they are able to check the items off and move along to the next one.

The cash register may have individual keys dedicated to certain commonly ordered food items in order to save time entering the data. Items such as French fries, hamburgers, sodas and coffee, may be ordered by hitting one button. A typical cheeseburger can be ordered by hitting the hamburger button, the cheese button, and the button to hold the mayo, in order to expedite entering the order information.

The keys of the restaurant’s POS system need to be protected from dampness and contaminants. Most point of sale systems in Malaysia use a special plastic covering to keep the keys from becoming inoperative. There are special cash registers used in restaurants that are specially designed to hold up in this type of environment. They would last far longer than a standard retail machine.

The Software of a Restaurant POS System Will Also Be Different

Restaurant POS software is designed to help the restaurant owner keep track of the amount of food being sold each day. The software can be pre-set to track how many pounds of ground beef have been used each day, based on the size of each hamburger and the number of burgers sold.

If you’re considering adding a restaurant POS system to your business, it’s a good idea to do plenty of research online in order to see what’s available and how it can help your restaurant business. Depending on the type of food you sell, there may be some options more valuable than others. Some features may be worthless depending on the type of restaurant you own. As always take the time to read customer reviews in order to see which POS system has worked for some business owners. You should also see which tips they offer that can help you.

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